Alternative Media Marketing

The Alternative Media was once looked at as “fringe” media; however, in recent years it has exploded in popularity. The vast number of consumers flooding into these channels is something that can no longer be ignored. If you are looking to increase your market exposure at a lower cost of acquisition,  you need to contact us now before your competition figures it out.

TMA has been doing intensive research and study of the Alternative Media since 2008.  There are a few basic attributes that run through all of the Alternative Markets.

  • Brand Loyalty
  • High Referral and Word of Mouth Advertising
  • Forgiveness (if you need it, and ask for it)

This media channel once was considered as outliers and bloggers, but with the extinction of newspapers, an army of unemployed investigative reporters took the Internet and brought followers with them.

In a similar fashion, Creatives have been testing the limits of the Internet.  For film makers and writers, barriers to market entry have been removed by the various monetizing models provided by YouTube, Vimoe, Hulu and countless others.

Access to Alternative Media has leaped to television thanks to devices like WII, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku and Slingbox that are raising a whole generation of consumers