Rocky Mountain Hospital For Children

Health Care / HealthONE

To create the first-ever and primary web site to launch with the opening of the brand new downtown facility; to represent and demonstrate the world-class care offered; and to “feed” content to Parents Pages, a companion widget based site.


TMA Services:  To meet the client’s objectives, TMA worked closely with the marketing team at HealthONE during the development of their new pediatric hospital.  Becuase the site was just one element of the overall communication plan, it appears to be more of a traditional site; however part of its role was to feed content to (a companion widget based site).

One of the biggest tasks for online communication is content development, and in the case with health care communication, content is king, and volumes information were required to enter this space competitively.  Becuase it was not the usual practice for the small marketing staff to self generate site content, and givien the especially tight time-lines, TMA developed and integrated the Staywell content web service for this project.

Staywell is a third-party health information library that provides content on a subscription basis.  They offer a variety of ways to integrate their content for their clients, most commonly with their Staywell catalog via a chrome – also known as a wrapper.  In this implementation, Staywell develops a location on their servers to make a copy of the client’s site design.  Visitors are then redirected from the client’s site over to the Staywell servers to view the content with the client’s design “wrapped around” it.

While using the catalog was the most common application, other interactivity on the client’s site is lost, along with web metrics and SEO benefits.  Therefore, TMA applied a more effective and measurable way to implement Staywell’s content through a programing interface, unique from other Staywell content clients.

The basics of our integration allowed the marketing department to browse the whole Staywell catelog from the Content Management System control panel.  They could selectively pick which articles they wanted to include in the hospital site, as well as determine where it would appear in the site navigation.  Staywell articles are pulled from its web service each time they render on the site, which means that Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is always getting the most current version of the article.

Before the Staywell article was rendered to the client site it went through a variety of prossessing and preparation developed by TMA.  For example, before the article displayed we placed logical internal keyword linking, such as linking every occurrence of the word “cancer” to a physician who specialized in that area of medicine.  We we also optimized the content for search engines adding custom meta tags and titles.

TMA’s execution of Staywell (and EBSCO) content services also allowed the marketing department to embed an article within any other content, thus allowing them to prepare custom introductions and summaries to key articles.

Because each article coming in from the content provider has its own links to other articles, we developed our extension to be recursive, which means every link selected also rendered to our client’s site.  The site visitor never had to leave the hospital site while viewing this third-party content making their experience seamless and integrated.