Red Rocks Amphitheatre


Issue/Objective:  To maximize tight city budgets and take advantage of economies of scale to deliver world-class online communication strategies for a world-class brand.


TMA Services:  Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one the most legendary brands Colorado has ever produced.  Life time memories are forged here for the millions who have attend events and visited the park.  People from all over the world recognize this place as truly special and transcendent.

TMA is proud to have this premiere client since 2007.  Such brands deserve careful handling and respect; moreover, serving up this brand to a passionate audience is a responsibility that only can be handled with maturity coming from years of experiences.

During our relationship with Red Rocks and Arts and Venues Denver (formerly, City of Denver Division of Theatres and Arenas) TMA has shepherded through extensive expansion of online services and explosive web traffic.  Turned over to TMA in 2007 as a flat HTML web site with little interactivity and business intelligence, we have transformed the Red Rock’s online presence an integrated and interactive Internet communication vehicle that serves both its audience, and those who manage the venue.


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Contrary to public perception, legendary brands don’t always have legendary budgets. Owned by the City of Denver, Red Rocks is not immune to the budget crisis faced by the City, the State and the rest of country.  The responsibility to deliver dignified communication, on a dietary budget, that is representative of the Red Rocks brand, is challenge TMA excels at.  We creatively combined open source code with custom development and our own dedicated hosting environment to create economies of scale that re-purpose and leverage resources across all of the Internet communication we provide for the City.

What most people don’t know is that, while Arts and Venues is department of the City of Denver, it is a revenue source for the City and not dependent upon tax revenue.  Therefore, many of the sites we’ve executed for them include advertising extensions where sponsors and site advertisers can purchase space.  The ad extensions enable the client to manage and report on various aspects of their online ad space, thus monetizing the sites.

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Red Rocks Video Player Page


The development of is just one part of our 360 degree plan for Arts and Venues.  TMA also develops and manages online projects for the Performing Arts Complex, Denver Coliseum and Denver Cross Roads Theatre, each sharing in supporting the other through programmatic integration of services that happen behind the scene.

This client’s multiple projects and venues is representative of TMA’s strategic approach and demonstrates that, the bigger the scope, the greater the savings we can find.  Great stratetgic design and execution do not need to be expensive.

Contact us to take a private tour of what we did for Red Rocks.  Like with every great performance, it’s what you don’t see going on behind the stage that the magic is being made.