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Issue/Objective:  Meeting the healthcare information needs of multiple target audiences with children of various ages and health concerns.

So, what do you do when your target audience is diverse in its needs and you are capable of meeting all those needs?

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Let’s say you’re a pediatric hospital treating children from newborn through teenager.  Your target audience – parents – has very different concerns depending upon the age and the health issues of their children.  How do you appeal to each of those concerns and emphasize your expertise, while not excluding anyone?

TMA developed the Parents Pages strategy for the Rocky Mountain Hospital For Children.  This strategy was based on open source branding, thus allowing the consumer/patient to participate in the development of HealthONE’s brand in ways that met their specific needs.

Parents Pages is a widget based site, similar to iGoogle or Netvibes.  This communication service was designed to let the visitor self select from HealthONE’s services via web widgets,and allowed them to design the site in a way that presented information on topics and issues of greatest importance to them.  The widgets could be turned on or off, moved around on the page, grouped together in tabs and even allow the visitor to easily create their own widgets from other content they found on the web.

Parents Pages was an effective interactive branding application loaded with healthcare content and resource – from calculators to video to games for kids.  Both the client, HealthONE, and the site visitor were limited only by their imagination.