Health Care / HealthONE

TMA Guild has been the SEO and Internet consultant for HealthONE since 2004.

Prior to our involvement, HealthONE hospitals weren’t ranking at all within the first 5 pages of results in Google with some exceptions for the specific term HealthONE or a few specific hospital names. Since our work began HealthONE hospitals regularly rank highly within the first 2 pages of Google’s search for a comprehensive range of health search terms conditions and treatments.

The SEO included the brand and services for the following groups HealthONE Division (, Rose Medical Center (, Medical Center of Aurora (, Sky Ridge Medical Center (, Presbyterian St. Luke’s (, Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital (, HealthONE Clinic Services.

Over the contract term the scope of work expanded from SEO to web development solutions including integration of EBSCO Host content, Staywell (Greystone) and Photobooks web services.  The solutions developed enable the third parties’ content to be highly optimized for search as well as enabling marketing staff to easily embed content with their own strategic localized messaging.

Additionally, as part of a micro site strategy TMA developed,,,,,,, and  Parents Pages in particular is an advanced widget based site that enables and engages sophisticated health consumers customized their engagement with the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.  The combined force of the micro-site strategy and the related SEO which involved interlinking the sites’ content created a dominate force in the local healthcare market while driving quality traffic to the correct place.  The overall goal of the sites was to increase awareness and validation of services while enabling specific, time specific campaigns.
As with all health care marketing adherence to regulatory bodies is critical including but not limited to HIPAA and Stark policies and practices.