Health Care

TMA’s work with Exempla Healthcare in 2008 included online strategic development as well as tactical executions of a browser toolbar that connected the hospital to the consumer/patient, service line micro-site development and CMS consulting.

The CMS (content management system) consulting was focused in two areas.  First TMA was called upon to assist the customization of search optimization resources within Exempla’s current CMS (Medseek) and enhance market awareness.  Second, was to assist the CTO in the selection and vetting of a new CMS which would replace Medseek the following year. Extensive product reviews and testing of software, hosting environment and extensibility were among the key elements researched all leading to a final report and recommendation.

To meet Exempla’s objective, TMA developed the strategy for the HealthEyou Browser Toolbar.  The toolbar is a small application that installs into the visitor’s Internet browser and extends connectivity to the hospital and its services in a persistent manner.  The toolbar and the brand stay in the visitor’s browser at all times regardless of what other sites they visit.


The messaging “hook” on the toolbar makes Exempla one click or less or away. But, how can you be one click away or less?  Once the toolbar was installed on the visitor’s browser a bi-directional line of communication was opened up between the visitor and other web resources that we managed, allowing us to push messages, update the toolbar with new features, and collect a variety of metric tracking.  In this execution of the strategy, all metrics where to be strictly limited for privacy concerns; however, in other cases we can track any number user behaviors.

In addition to directing visitors to Exempla hospitals and services, the toolbar integrated with HealthDay’s content and news and allowed the end user to configure exactly what type of health information they wanted to view in their toolbar.  Many other aspects of the toolbar are configurable by the end user allowing them to change the appearance and personalize their brand interaction.

Additionally, TMA built an administrative dashboard to give marketing staff control over the toolbar and allowing them to administrate content and features of the installed toolbars.

Micro-site development included specific service lines that were highly profitable however not able to be served properly within the Medseek environment.