Health Care

The Children’s Hospital, Children’s Toolbar was a web strategy developed by TMA to provide Children’s with a persistent brand presence online while pushing news and information to target audiences. The strategic message was to place The Children’s Hospital One Click Away or Less.   Additionally, the Toolbar strategy include a “dollars for downloads” campaign where the Children’s Hospital Foundation would solicit matching donations for every download and installation of the Toolbar. TMA developed the browser toolbar that would install into Internet Explorer or FireFox and was dynamically updated in real-time from a web based single control panel to existing users. The Toolbar included a vast array of health content, tools, health calculators, news and information all easily configurable by the end user.

Children's Toolbar - Welcome to The Children's Toolbartch toolbar

Key concerns of this project were to adhere closely to any HIPAA regulations and to ensure patient privacy through the whole process of engagement.