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To increase search results and awareness of the Chiari Care Center and it’s world-class surgeon, Dr. John Oro, in an already overcrowded and well-established online search marketplace.

The Chiari Treatment Center - Chiari Care

TMA Services:  The Chiari Care Center in Colorado is the home of Dr. John Oro who is a gifted surgeon in addition to being just a great person. While these, among his many other attributes and qualifications, give him industry-wide awareness that few others have with there peers, it wasn’t enough in the online space.

Chiari malformation surgery is a highly specialized diagnosis and surgery, and falls in a highly competitive online search niche.  In this client’s case, the keywords required to reach the target audience were well established by highly credible and long-standing health care web sites.  These sites tended to dominate the search engines becuase of age and volume of pages, making difficult for small clinics (no matter how qaulified) to carve out their place on first page search results.

TMA’s 360 degree approach gave us a huge advantage for Chiari Care, allowing us to leverage other marketing we were doing for HealthONE’s ONE Magazine, as well as leverage the optimization we were providing to all the other HealthONE hospitals.

Our centralizes Search Engine Optimization approach enabled us to break into first page search results for many of our target keywords and made for a successful marketing campaign; however, we wanted more for this client. . .

. . . So, while monitoring media for this client we found that a popular home improvement show was featuringe a Chiari Malformation patient.  TMA created a page on the Chiari Care site dedicated to the show and patient, then optimized it.  The night the show aired web traffic went through the roof topping out at a 700% increase in both traffic and prospective patient contacts the web and the office voice mail.  For months afterward clinic staff were managing leads generated from that one event.  Overall averages for site traffic and lead generation improved and then later settled down as the original air date of the show got futher out.  However, summer re-runs gave the clinic another rush of new prospective patients equal in numbers to the first airing.

TMA created unprecedented results by applying a 360 degree though process and integrating some one else’s media to reach our client’s target audience.  Chiari Care was the only online chiari site that reached out to the viewing audience in this way and provided them a resource to connect with directly.