The Arts Complex


Project:  Web site improvements

Issue/Objective:  To enhance existing web site architecture for internal ease-of-use, and improve search engine optimization.


TMA Services:  The Denver Performing Arts Complex in Denver, Colorado is the home of Denver’s best theatres and entertainment.

This is where Broadway stops on its way west, and where national acts book first to reach their audience.  Like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, another TMA project with the City of Denver, the Arts Complex is rich with history and a brand of integrity.  It houses the Boettcher Concert Hall, The Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, The Ellie Caulkins Opera House, The Chambers Grant Salon, The Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex and the new Studio Loft.

TMA’s task was to enhance the online marketing efforts of Arts Complex and help bring its online presence up to par with the status of the venues within the complex.

Our 360 degree approach started by bringing the site architecture up to a standard to enable our client’s marketing team to manage the content quickly and effectively while also providing an search engine friendly resource.  Beginning with the original flat HTML file, TMA developed the site with open source and custom programming. This site was developed quickly and affordable and at a fraction of the cost of its competitor’s sites.

After the successful launch of, Arts and Venues Denver engaged TMA to address its flagship property, RedRocks Online.  They later added Denver Cross Roads Theatre and the Denver Coliseum to the suite of online assets developed, integrated and managed by TMA.


Arts Complex mobile view


What most people don’t know is that while Arts and Venues is City of Denver property, it is a revenue source for the City and not supported by tax dollars.  Therefore, many of the upgraded sites we have produced for Arts and Venues include advertising extensions whereby sponsors and site advertisers can purchase online ad space.  This ad extension enables our client to manage and report on various aspects of their online ad space, thus being able to monetizing their sites.